Go Go Power Rangers!

Let it be known, I am a massive Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers fan. My favorite of all the original Rangers is the one and only Jason David Frank. I had the pleasure of meeting him this past weekend at Fax Expo Dallas and was able to present him with a drawing I did of him in his newest project, Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe. He even posted it to his social media accounts! 

Current Projects

Have an exciting project coming. I might have the opportunity to do the cover to a special issue of Halloween Man by Drew Edwards. This will be my first actual comic book cover and I'm so excited!

Have some more book projects in the pipeline as well. Keeping busy!

Women In Practical Armor Kickstarter

My friends at Evil Girlfriend Media have started a Kickstarter campaign to fund their upcoming release. The book brings some of the top names in fantasy together in a new anthology featuring stories of already empowered female warriors.

There are a ton of rewards to get at the different levels including e-books, the book itself, bookmarks, t-shirts, posters and a really neat medallion.



About two years I was shown this image on Facebook. A friend recognized the drawing to something I had done about 4 years earlier. It was being used in someone's Zombie Outbreak paraphernalia. He had seen it on his Facebook feed and I was never able to track who had done it. Just this past weekend I stumbled across it on a Google image search and noticed it was on Pinterest and repinned numerous times. Then I found it on Cafe Press being sold for poster orders. I reported the products and yesterday I got the email that the image was taken down for copyright infringement. 

Score one for the little guy. I've now placed watermarks on my pieces that are uploaded to Deviant Art. 

Texas Frightmare Weekend, May 1-3, 2015

Texas Frightmare is upon us. This weekend I'll be selling a few prints, to test the water of how the public takes to my art. I'm excited and terrified. Either way, it should be fun. Hope to see you there! Lots of cool guests like Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Lynch, Elvira, William Sadler, Neve Campbell. You'll find me and Rooster Republic Press over by Tara Reid. (Not kidding, haha)